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PROJECT GBA&C recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of world’s renowned artists who have made, and are making, significant contributions in the field of art, producing powerful imagery that continues to captivate, educate, inspire and heal humanity.
Engaging art with books ” ART EXHIBIT ” is one such initiative showcasing the best moments captured by artists across the globe, encapsulating the sheer joy of subtle self-expression behind every art.

Editors Panel – PROJECT GBA&C

When a tragedy turned girl into a great international award-winning artist

When other school students were making their plans for further studies, a girl from Chandigarh was painting her future on a blank canvas. It is believed that creativity can be expressed only when the mind is free from all worries but the unique art of Rashi came into the fore when her mind was troubled and heart was filled by pain.

My Passion for my artwork, keeps me going.

Rashi, 41, from Chandigarh owns an art studio in Vadodra since 2017. She says, “I like to work hard to convert my obstacles into stepping stones. My motto is to promote art through the application of various mediums to break the myth that art is just meant for luxurious places. You can create wonder with a scrap if you have an aesthetic and innovative sense. Art enhances the surroundings and beautifies the ambiance. My Passion for my artwork, keeps me going.”
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